Activewear Brand Turns to Open Innovation

March 9, 2018 By IdeaConnection

Activewear brand Outdoor Voices is so convinced by the benefits of open innovation and co-creating with customers that from now on it is going to involve them in all future product designs.

The brand launched in 2014 and Running was its first collection to involve consumer input which it did via social media.

Valuable Consumer Input

In an interview with Vox Media Outdoor Voices CEO Tyler Haney commented: “We said, ‘we’re building an assortment around jogging and running. Tell us what your preferences are, what kind of support you need,’ and we folded that back into our product development,” Haney says. “Now we’re launching what we consider to be the best six to eight pieces for OV’s customer.”

The open innovation approach could help Outdoor Voices compete against much larger and established brands that have deeper pockets for research and development. Among the other benefits of co-creating with consumers are:

• Cultivating loyalty
• Creating products that consumers want
• Consumers act as brand ambassadors
• Access to new ways of thinking
• Diversity of ideas
• Increase innovation volume
• A quicker way of getting products to market

New Line to be Launched

Recently, Outdoor Voices sought consumer input for a new line of athletic bras and received close to 1,000 responses. Design teams used these comments – which included views on favorite and least favorite bras, materials, closures and designs – to produce new bras that are slated to be released in the summer. This will be a significant increase to the current range and will offer the brand’s customers more variety.

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Reader Comments

Obtaining customer feedback is always an ideal solution when seeking a new path for a brand or company. The customer is the one that drives innovation anyway in a company, so why not ask them where they want to go? If you're not catering to the customer you really don't have need to be in business.
Posted by Beverly on May 17, 2018

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