Big Open Innovation Boost for the UK

November 28, 2018 By IdeaConnection

Open Innovation

The UK is engaging with open innovation in a big way.

A new business has just been launched which will create the first network of Open Innovation Centers(OCIs) right across the country.

Innovate KPI is planning to create numerous regional training centers which will support businesses to implement a culture of innovation, generate ideas and turn them into products, services or processes. These regional clusters will form a national network of organizations committed to open innovation approaches.

Improving Knowledge Exchange and Innovation

Stephen Tinsley, director of business innovation at Innovate KPI, said: “Traditionally, businesses were very guarded about their innovation, research and development; believing that this was how to get to market first.

“Developing products and services behind closed doors leads business leaders to believe that they alone would profit from their workforce’s creativity and that they could control the resulting intellectual property.

“Today’s market leaders understand that they can benefit far more by tapping into the collective knowledge and expertise of talented individuals who don’t all work for them. OICs bring together talented, innovative experts from a wide range of sectors to develop original ideas.”

Pilot Project Success

Each open innovation center will bring together different businesses and industry sectors with other regional development partners. 

A pilot OIC project in Edinburgh attracted all major employers in three key industry sectors - engineering, life sciences and finance.  It was hailed by many participants as an outstanding success for championing a transition towards a more innovative and entrepreneurial business growth.

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