How Open Innovation Can Reduce Delhi’s Pollution

October 21, 2016 By IdeaConnection

220px-TrafficjamdelhiDelhi in India is often referred to as one of the world’s most polluted cities. Industry, traffic, power plants and dust are the principle causes.

In an effort to reduce the colossal pollution levels, city authorities recently teamed up with the University of Chicago to organize an open innovation competition – the Urban Labs Innovation Challenge.

Approximately 250 entrepreneurs, non-profit and for-profit organizations, researchers and students from across the country and around the world took part.  Their submissions were then whittled down to three winning ideas.

Open Innovation Ideas

The first place winner was Chakra Innovation Pvt Ltd for a device that captures more than 70% of particulate pollution from diesel engines and converts it to inks and paints.

In second place was Climate Foundation and Tide Technocrats Pvt Ltd for a device that turns rice straw into biochar, a type of charcoal used to enrich agricultural soil.  This will prevent air pollution from the burning of rice straw.

Third place was awarded to Manila Housing SEWA Trust for cool roofing solutions in Delhi slums that will allow residents to save energy.

“With three promising winners chosen, the Delhi government now looks forward to collaborating with the talented academic minds at University of Chicago to carry out these innovative ideas to improve environment and the lives of our citizens,” said Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia.

The winners will now pilot and test their ideas, and if they are successful the government could implement their projects on a much larger scale.

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Reader Comments

I think that we should reduce our carbon output by finding new ideas of manufacturing products in such a way that ,burning of fossil fuels(coal,petroleum,gasoline) or even organic fuel wood charcoal,and dry organic matter can be reduced in turn which reduces CO2 levels in our environment
Posted by Siddharth Singh on December 25, 2016

People understand clearly ,try to clear the issue naturally. Everyone going behind some chemical reactions to solve . simply you can reduce it, just export all diesel cars out of Delhi and please make the vehicle as electric . next to this make everyone to plant a single sapple minimum of 40 leaves , its enough . then use the air-conditioning concept for dusts . Delhi will be permanently a green one. I think we are third largest co producers of world. If you all follow my idea means our INDIA will be a green one forever . I know competitions all over , we don't want solution for name sake. We have to make it now for our future generation . if you or anyone thinks my idea is good means .contact me :
Posted by Jayahari on November 15, 2016

To solve any problem is so important to know the origen of that. All over the word ozone at the troposphere is a great problem, now a day the explanation about why it is happening is unsatisfactory .
Posted by Gustavo Fernandez del Castillo y Simon on November 10, 2016

Use of artificial leaves which react with water and carbon dioxide / carbon mono oxide, generates oxygen and hydrogen and carbon , will solve the problem
Posted by Dr. Ganesh Aithal on November 2, 2016

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