Open Innovation and Climate Change Behavior Solutions

June 1, 2018 By IdeaConnection

Although the Early Entrant Prize is being awarded today there are still 60 days left to enter Solution Search: Climate Change Needs Behavior Change.

This global open innovation contest is sponsored by several organizations including Conservation International, National Geographic, The Nature Conservancy, United Nations Development Programme, and the World Wildlife Fund, and will award a prize of $25,000.

The winner/s will also be invited to attend a workshop in Washington DC with fellow change-makers, as well as being given the opportunity to share the prize-winning solution globally.

Solution Search is looking for innovative behavior change approaches to curb climate change. In particular, ideas to help people change the way they cook, purchase goods, travel and so on. It is open to governments, communities, non-profit organizations, companies and individuals.

Organizers have suggested participants think of solutions that could:

• Increase plant-rich diets
• Reduce food waste
• Increase the demand for locally-grown products
• Increase adoption of clean cookstoves (read more here about the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves)
• Increase the volume of crops grown through regenerative or conservation agriculture
• Reduce energy consumption
• Reduce greenhouse gas emitting behaviors among individuals, households and communities.

To date, concepts have come in from many parts of the world including North America, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Australia, India and China.

Changing behaviors will make a huge difference as experts state that nearly two-thirds of global emissions are linked to both direct and indirect forms of human consumption.

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Reader Comments

I think if machine make pollution in this world then solve by machine. make a tiny machine just like a air cooler with water and wastage cloth inside the cooler machine then all dust will be gather there air will be fresh in the city. if light is necessary in night why not use polluted area this type of air cooler machine .
Posted by BAISHAKHI GOMES DEY on August 18, 2018

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