Open Innovation Call for a New State Flag for Nebraska

June 29, 2017 By IdeaConnection

According to recent listings Nebraska’s state flag is the second worst in the United States. One criticism leveled at it is that the design is hardly memorable.  Perhaps that is the reason why nobody noticed it was flying upside down over the state capitol for ten consecutive days.

Well, State Sen. Burke Harr of Omaha has had enough and wants to add a bit of pizzazz to the flag.  So, he’s calling on the crowd to come up with their own designs.

The current flag was designed in 1921 and features the state seal over a blue background and depictions of a steamboat, a blacksmith at his anvil and a train heading toward the Rocky Mountains. In an interview with Omaha World Herald, Harr said: “What we’re looking to do is something that more expresses the spirit of Nebraska today.”

To participate, artists, budding flag designers or anyone else with an interest in helping out the state with its flag problem need to visit the online creative community Skillshare where they can submit their ideas.

A blog post on the site provides some pointers for inspiration.  The new flag design should:

Be simple enough for a child to draw from memory.

Meaningfully relate to what it symbolizes.

Be original and not duplicate other flag designs, although similarities can be used to show connections.

Harr will study the submissions and pass the best ones onto Nebraskan officials to make the final decision.  He hopes to have the new flag in place in time for the state’s 150th anniversary later his year.

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