Open Innovation Challenge to Defeat Brain Tumors

March 25, 2019 By IdeaConnection

Defeating Brain TumorsOn your marks, get set, go! The Center for Advancing Innovation (CAI), a global nonprofit that accelerates research commercialization, has launched the BRAIN RACE.

This global open innovation contest aims to launch 15 or more startups to come up with breakthrough solutions to defeat brain tumors.

The Brain Race is open to individuals, teams and existing startups and they can enter in any of three ways:

1) Commercialize de-risked inventions that were selected from 16,000 brain tumor inventions by a panel of industry experts and potential investors.

2) Existing startups can enter with their own innovations to improve brain tumor outcomes.

3) Participants can submit ideas they think will improve brain tumor outcomes.

Additionally, the contest will crowdsource ideas for improving the quality of life for brain tumor survivors.

Doubling Brain Tumor Survival

The Brain Race seeks to address the aims of The Brain Tumor Charity’s strategy of doubling survival from brain tumors within 10 years and halving the harm that brain tumors have on the quality of life within ten years.

“Improve is a word used every day. We hear improve lives; improve outcomes. THE BRAIN RACE seeks to go beyond improvement, but seeks to radically revolutionize outcomes for brain tumor patients and caregivers,” explained Rosemarie Truman, CAI’s founder.

For more information about the open innovation challenge visit

If you are interested in taking part in other challenges check out IdeaConnection's Contests and Challenges page which is the world's longest list of live challenges. Currently, there are 104 offering a total prize pot of more than 88 million dollars.

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