Open Innovation Water Challenge Seeks Novel Solutions

July 14, 2015 By IdeaConnection

water1Do you have smart ideas about water reduction and reuse?  If so, GE and Statoil’s Sustainability Collaboration want to hear from you.

The American multinational and the Norwegian oil and gas company have combined forces to launch their second open innovation competition, “Reduced Use and Reuse of Water in Onshore Operations”.

The challenge is looking for innovative solutions for reducing fresh water usage and treating and reusing water in the development of onshore unconventional oil and gas reservoirs.  It follows the collaboration’s first challenge which was about reducing the use of sand in onshore operations.

“Ideas at any scale are welcome,” said Lars Høier, senior vice president of research, development and innovation for Statoil ASA. “Even incremental strides in improving water management can add up to significant conservation gains.”

To take part, participants must submit a short, non-confidential description of their technology, scientific support for it, non-confidential evidence and a technical approach.  The deadline for submissions is September 24, 2015.

Prize Money

Up for grabs is $25,000, awarded to each of up to five winning entries as well as possible access to a discretionary development fund of $375,000.  Additionally, there will be support for the commercialization of winning submissions.

Turning to Open Innovation for Answers

This global challenge is open to individuals, institutions and companies of all shapes and sizes. Eric Gebhardt, chief technology officer for GE Oil and Gas neatly summed up the reason for adopting open innovation to find solutions.

He said: “We recognize that great ideas transcend any one company or geography, which is why we’ve launched this open innovation challenge.”

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I propose a machine totally innovative. A machine that provided usable force that works only with gravity. I can produce several thousand watt with this machine. Are you serious for the development of such a machine queries .
Posted by Jean Faucher on July 23, 2015

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