Why IdeaConnection Problem Solvers Love Idea Rallies

February 26, 2019 By IdeaConnection

IdeaConnection Idea RalliesIdeaConnection's problem solvers work on fascinating challenges, solving a vast array of problems for cash in fields as diverse as artificial intelligence, mechanical engineering and nanotechnology to name but a few.

Many work on small solving teams managed by a world-class facilitator. They can also participate in Idea Rallies. These are week-long periods of brainstorming where companies get solutions and fresh perspectives and solvers can receive cash awards among other benefits.

In their own words, here are the top three reasons why our solvers like working on Idea Rallies.

“It was a wonderful learning experience. And once I learn something it is there within me and I can always use the knowledge somewhere. It may not be in this particular rally or another challenge, but I will be able to use it somewhere along the way. I mean nothing is a waste. Knowledge is knowledge.” Problem solver Charles John Bhaskar.

“It was extremely stimulating, and it pushed me to seek and elaborate information and knowledge that otherwise, I would not have sought.  Working on and building on the ideas of other contributors was extremely enjoyable. The plurality of perspectives on a certain idea can open new directions of thoughts and, ultimately, stimulate the creativity.” Problem solver Dr. Ryan Fink

 “Although there is a moment of triumph when you come up with a solution that a seeker wants I would say that it’s the process that I enjoy the most, the process I have to go through. The brain keeps working and going off in different directions and tries to look at things from different perspectives which are needed to come up with a brand new solution that appeals to a seeker. I find this process really amazing.” Problem solver Abdulquadri Oyinlola.

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