8 Big Crowdsourcing Mistakes Crowdsourcing and open innovation can be powerful tools.  Throw out a problem, and a solution bounces back – usually quickly, and for a relatively low cost. Then why is it that so many companies fail to get everything out of crowdsourcing that they had hoped for?  The majority of the time…

1280px-The_Pentagon_January_2008No, US government officials haven’t taken leave of their senses; they’re inviting experienced and vetted hackers to test the cybersecurity infrastructure of the Department of Defense’s HQ.

This “Hack the Pentagon” initiative is the first cyber bug bounty program in the history of the federal government.

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ICE_to_Bombay_Indian_RailwaysFM radios and bio-toilets are just some of the features that could soon be a part of the travel experience on India’s railways.

The country’s government recently held a crowdsourcing exercise for new ideas to make train travel more enjoyable for both drivers and passengers. And it has announced that some of those ideas could be implemented soon.
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smogfreetowerLike a giant vacuum cleaner, the 7-meter tall Smog Free Tower sucks in polluted air from the skies above Rotterdam.  But unlike a vacuum cleaner, the building filters it using a patented ion technology and releases bubbles of smog-free air through its vents.

What’s more, the tower also turns some of the smog into jewelry.
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Handy Problem Solving Quotes

isolated-1052504_960_720Got a problem that you’re a stuck on? Haven’t come up with a work around yet? Well, give your brain a little rest and glance over these thought-provoking quotes on problem solving. They may even help to get your grey cells whirring into action once more.
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International_Space_Station_after_undocking_of_STS-132NASA may well have a lot of smart brains working for it, but the space agency recognizes that it doesn’t necessarily have the monopoly on great ideas when it comes to space research and getting into space.

Its latest open innovation project is to invite people from all over the world to contribute to the design of the Astrobee free-flying robot.

Astrobee is intended to help the crew on the International Space Station by performing such repetitive tasks as surveys and inspections.

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blog-jan-13-16Young Australians in Victoria are being invited to take the #SoberSelfie Challenge – that is ditching the booze for a weekend or fortnight period and taking photos of their hangover-free days.

The project was a winner in the VicHealth Innovation Challenge, a crowdsourcing initiative for ideas that promote healthy living, organized by the Victorian Health Promotion Foundation(VicHealth).
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