blog-jan-13-16Young Australians in Victoria are being invited to take the #SoberSelfie Challenge – that is ditching the booze for a weekend or fortnight period and taking photos of their hangover-free days.

The project was a winner in the VicHealth Innovation Challenge, a crowdsourcing initiative for ideas that promote healthy living, organized by the Victorian Health Promotion Foundation(VicHealth).
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Crowdsourcing to Combat Superbugs

Human_neutrophil_ingesting_MRSAThe increase in the prevalence of antibiotic resistance is rarely out of the news. In a current report in The Guardian newspaper, the director of Antibiotic Research UK says that it is “almost too late” to stop a global superbug crisis.

A huge amount of resources is being poured into combating antibiotic resistance, including crowdsourcing initiatives.
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Open Innovation News

microscope-316556_640Two fascinating stories about open innovation caught our attention this week.

The first concerns two global drugs companies sharing their chemical compound libraries to speed up drug discovery, while the second is the launch of a European open data platform.
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beatlesAbbey Road is one of the most famous music recording studios in the world, instantly recognizable to fans of the Beatles because it’s where they recorded most of their music.  It was also the name of the final album that the Fab Four recorded together (issued in 1969).

For more than 80 years the studio has been at the forefront of music technology and it hopes to keep it that way with the founding of an open innovation department.
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