According to recent listings Nebraska’s state flag is the second worst in the United States. One criticism leveled at it is that the design is hardly memorable.  Perhaps that is the reason why nobody noticed it was flying upside down over the state capitol for ten consecutive days.

Well, State Sen. Burke Harr of Omaha has had enough and wants to add a bit of pizzazz to the flag.  So, he’s calling on the crowd to come up with their own designs.
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Mattel’s New Open Innovation Portal

Mattel, Inc, the American multinational toy manufacturing company is now embracing open innovation in a big way. Engineers, inventors and indeed anyone with a great idea for a toy can now submit it to the company’s online portal.

Previously, if you wanted to submit an idea to Mattel, you needed to be already established in the field or be represented by a toy broker. But those restrictions have fallen away. Now the company’s doors are wide open to external input.

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Big Data Project for Heart Health

From predicting epidemics and helping to cure diseases to improving quality of life and identifying drug targets, big data is driving healthcare innovation forward.

To capitalize on this potential, a new open innovation project has been launched to help improve heart health diagnosis.
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Can Open Innovation Keep Plastics Out of Our Oceans?

According to the Prince of Wales, plastic in the world’s oceans is a “growing ecological and human disaster”.  He was speaking at the launch of a huge open innovation initiative to tackle this environmental menace.

His words follow a report by the Dame Ellen MacArthur Foundation that if solutions are not found, the world’s oceans will contain more plastics than fish, by weight by the year 2050.
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Embracing Open Innovation to Prevent Complacency

In an interview with The Nikkei, a daily financial newspaper, Honda Motor’s President and CEO Takahiro Hachigo talked about the importance of open innovation to his company.

Among its principle reasons for reaching out to external sources of expertise is to continue to be competitive and to prevent complacency from settling in.
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