Marikina City in the Philippines is beset by two major challenging situations: 1) natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods due to overflowing rivers and 2) manmade problems that are common to many cities around the world. These include social welfare issues such as a lack of maternal healthcare.

To help give citizens a brighter future seven innovators from all over the world flew into the city to come up with solutions via open innovation.
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Open Innovation Success Stories in the Car Industry

Open innovation success stories abound in multiple industries as enterprises the world over seek the wisdom of the crowd to help them develop new products and services, get over innovation roadblocks, see where their industries are heading and to steal a march on their competitors.

In this post, we highlight a few success stories where open innovation has helped to give the automotive industry a boost.
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Tackling Alzheimer’s Disease with Open Innovation

Alzheimer’s is an incurable and fatal disease that affects around 50 million people all over the world. Included in this number are nearly half of individuals who are over 85 years of age.

To accelerate research into treatment and detection and to find a cure, a group known as the Alzheimer’s Breakthrough team is turning to open innovation and crowdsourcing models.
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Open innovation, social media and mobile technologies are rapidly changing the face of disaster preparation, response, relief and rescue. Success relies on how well intelligence coming from the crowd is harnessed.

In preparation for the approach of Hurricane Irma, Broward County in Florida launched, a public reporting platform for disaster management.
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Colombian coffee is known the world over for the richness of its varieties and flavors.  But the country’s coffee growing industry is in the midst of challenging times that require fresh thinking. That is why the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) has put out a global open innovation call for help.

The challenge is called “CoffeepickINN” and it is a search for innovative solutions to make selective coffee harvesting in Colombia more efficient and profitable.
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Imagination Quotes to Inspire Innovators

With imagination at the heart of every creative innovator and problem solver, here is a handful of imagination quotes to get yours going.

“I think nature’s imagination Is so much greater than man’s, she’s never going to let us relax”. Richard Feynman
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Researchers Devise a Way for AI to Boost Innovation

In one giant leap for AI and innovation, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have come up with a method that allows computers to mine databases of patents, inventions and research papers, to create new products and solve problems.

What scientists have done is devise a way for computers to find analogies, that is comparisons between very different methods and problems that have underlying similarities.
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Protecting Forests via Open Innovation

The internet and cheap air travel may well have made the world a smaller place, but there are still many uncharted areas, which we now know a little bit more about thanks to open innovation.

A crowd has counted the planet’s drylands forests and in the process charted forests that have never previously been mapped.
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