Pioneering Open Innovation Contest in Russia

February 28, 2013 By IdeaConnection

800px-Aeroflot_A321-200_VP-BWN_SVO_2008-9-15This weekend sees the Grand Final of the Aeroflot Open International Innovation contest, the first open innovation competition of its kind to be held in Russia.

Aeroflot is a leading Russian air carrier and the contest is looking for novel in-flight entertainment concepts.


It’s being organized in partnership with the Federal Business Incubators Network “Open Innovation Inc.” and qualifying sessions took place during a five-month period.

Students, engineers and professional developers submitted a broad range of imaginative ideas and from their number, the twenty best teams were selected for the final.

On March 1st those teams will present their In-flight Entertainment Platform concepts to a panel of judges at the Moscow State University of Foreign Affairs.

From this semi-final, five teams will be selected to participate in the actual final this Sunday. Between the semi-final and the final there’ll be a day of fine-tuning concepts with experts.

Winners and Prizes

Overall, three winners will be chosen.

The first prize is two business tickets to any destination in the world as well as a check for 100,000 rubles (approx. USD $3,200). There is also the possibility that the idea will be implemented.

The second place team will win two economy tickets and 50,000 rubles, and third place will collect two Ipads.

Open Innovation Benefits

At the end of the weekend Aeroflot may have a new concept/s to enhance the in-flight experience of its passengers. But even if it doesn’t find a concept to implement, it will have received a bunch of great insights into what customers actually want.

For participants, in addition to the prospect of winning some money, the competition has provided ample opportunities for increased exposure and network building.

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