Procter and Gamble Launch New Open Innovation Portal

February 8, 2013 By IdeaConnection
P&G Headquarters, Cincinnati.
P&G Headquarters, Cincinnati.

P&G is doing even more to live up to its mantra of ”together we can create more value than we ever could alone”.

The multinational consumer goods company’s Connect+Develop program has just launched a new website ( The purpose is to link innovators directly to the company’s top needs, and P&G business leaders directly to external innovation submissions.

Ultimately it should make the process more efficient, maximizing the potential of open innovation for its own needs and those of innovators.

In keeping with the spirit of open innovation, P&G collaborated with several external partners to create new technology that underpins the website, enabling submissions to directly feed into the business category leaders.

“As P&G enters its Second Decade of Connect+Develop, our focus is on strengthening areas of our open innovation work to deliver more discontinuous, breakthrough innovations,” said Laura Becker, General Manager Connect+Develop and Global Business Development.

“Part of that work means making connections both easier and more effective.”

Improving Open Innovation

The new open innovation portal is easy to navigate and within a couple of clicks you can find a list of the company’s needs, organized by business area. They are also searchable by topic. On the back-end the process ensures that business leaders can easily access submissions, share them, and track their process.

In its more than ten years in operation, Connect+Develop has achieved remarkable results for the company.

According to P&G the program has resulted in:

• More than 2,000 global partnerships
• Dozens of game-changing products
• Accelerated innovation development
• Increased productivity (for P&G and for its partners)

Currently, Connect+Develop receives an average of 20 submissions a day from all over the world.

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Proctor and gamble is an innovative company building value for their customers. Nice article...
Posted by PaulJosaph on July 22, 2014

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