Taking an Open Innovation Approach to Big Data in Europe

April 14, 2017 By IdeaConnection

Big data has a huge role to play in innovation.  Making it more freely available can create fresh new insights that lead to novel solutions and products.

To make it easier for European startups and SMEs to take advantage of big data’s potential, a new European-funded open innovation project, led by Southampton University has been launched.  It’s called Data Pitch.

This innovation accelerator will provide up to 50 companies with business support that includes mentoring, thousands of dollars’ worth of equity free funding and access to data from established businesses and the public sector.

Data-driven innovation is moving higher up the agenda in Europe with the European Commission committing more than 7 million euros (approx. $USD 7.5 million) to projects.

Innovation Ecosystem

Data Pitch will encourage established businesses and other organizations to share their information via a new secure data innovation lab.  This data will be made available to startups. The big ambition is to create an innovation ecosystem where established enterprises work with smaller entities, using data to solve problems and create new products.

“Data Pitch will create a European ecosystem for data-driven innovation,” said Elena Simperl, Professor of Computer Science in Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton and Data Pitch Project Director.

“In the digital age, every organization, public or private, big or small, generates and owns substantial data assets. Not all them have the opportunity to use this data effectively.

“With Data Pitch we take an established open innovation model and apply it at European scale – we pair some of the most creative entrepreneurial minds in 28 countries and help them to solve data challenges that matter – for the economy, for the environment, for science, and for society as a whole.”

For more information about Data Pitch, click here.

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Reader Comments

To work with large and super-large data, it is necessary to streamline such a process or, in other words, to optimize it in justification. Therefore, we determined the potential of mathematical analysis based on the function of a variable value of a number. Which also limits the development of the possibilities of mathematics to the processing and analysis of super-high data or mathematical initial data.
     We have made a discovery in the field of mathematics, which allows us to denote new and previously unknown and unused properties of numbers in their constant value functions. Now, after a few years. We can say in the affirmative about that. That this discovery exists and it can be positioned in a certain level of justification and further development. This is a fundamental discovery that will allow analyzing high-potential, highly dynamic and extra-capacious processes in the data and processes to be processed and to create processes in their algorithmic development and dynamics of transformations.
Posted by Aleksandr on April 19, 2017

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