Unemployed Innovation

January 11, 2010 By Kristeen

Unemployed people are taking matters into their own hands and minds by putting the creativity and skills they have to use in the field of innovation. For some, losing their jobs may be the perfect incentive to kick start that idea that has been lurking in their minds for the past months, or even years. Experts say tough economic times often lead to new inventions as people out of work have more time available and are more willing to take risks. Technology never stays still and never ceases to amaze; what you may see or hold in your hands today could be radically different tomorrow. Now is the best time to take responsibility of your own future.

In terms of new inventions, Bruce Nemec of C2R Product Development says that, “the numbers have probably gone up four-fold in the last month. I think that stems from people that are either out of work or have been displaced, companies have closed and they’re trying to set themselves up long term for a better financial position.” According to the US Department of Labor, the American economy lost another 85,000 jobs in December, leaving the unemployment rate at 10% and 15.3 million people without work.

Jobs in areas that boost innovation pay more than jobs in other sectors, and are clearly superior to jobs that do not. Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke acknowledged as much when he stated that “investments in human capital, education, research and development, new technologies, energy, and infrastructure were important for long term growth.”

Case and Point – Alfred Butts, an unemployed architect from New York who invented the game of Scrabble during the Great Depression. Now played in 129 countries, using almost 30 languages, the first Scrabble sets were made by Butts personally, cutting out the individual wooden tiles by hand. Over 150 million Scrabble sets have been sold worldwide.

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