Webinar to Help You Get Up to Speed on IP and Open Innovation

December 11, 2011 By IdeaConnection

One of the thorniest issues facing companies wanting to embark on a program of open innovation concerns Intellectual Property (IP). Questions such as how will my IP be protected? Who owns IP as a result of collaboration? – all spring from the lips of newbies. And understandably so as many see an inherent contradiction between wanting to participate fully with OI and owning the IP of all their products and services.

However, the two are not necessarily opposed to each other.  The challenge is to make them work.  But if your mind is still in a fog about all this there’s a free webinar this Thursday, 15th December that will tackle these IP issues and more.

The hour long educational webinar is being hosted by TopCoder’s SVP Mike Morris and among the topics up for discussion are:

• What are the terms you need to know?
• How can you protect against stolen work?
• How can you best prep your internal legal team to get ready for Open Innovation & Crowdsourcing?
• What are examples of successful OI innovation where IP protection was paramount?

If there’s an aspect of IP and OI that you’re just not clear about, or you need to make the case to your internal teams and company bosses, you may well find the answers you are looking for.

To register for the free webinar just visit the TopCoder website.

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