The New Influencers: A Marketer's Guide to the New Social Media

By Paul Gillin

Exploring how and why online forums such as Facebook, Twitter, and blogs have gained such popularity—and credibility—with consumers, this practical guide offers proven strategies for organizations to leverage these new internet-based social media outlets. The differences between traditional and new media are explored, as are simple ways business owners and marketers can use these new resources to communicate with their customers. Practical tips on gaining the attention of and interacting with influential bloggers, the pros and cons of creating a company blog, guerilla marketing on the internet, and restructuring marketing expectations are also discussed.

"As word of mouth loses opinion-forming power to word of blog, companies are faced with a revolution in how their brands and corporate image will be shaped in the future. Paul Gillin provides a very insightful and well-written guide on how to effectively benefit from these dramatic changes. A must read!" --Patrick J. McGovern, founder and chairman, International Data Group (IDG)

"I heartily recommend the books by both Robert Scoble and Paul Gillin and you should jump at the chance to hear them in person." -- Mike Moran, Biznology Blog

"I'd suggest this book for any manager or senior executive who doesn't "get" social media." -- Sam Decker, Decker Marketing

"If you're interested in blogging and how it's changing the face of marketing, then you should get your hands on Gillin's book." -- John Frost, The Disney Blog

"Individuals, armed with technology, are seeking out others like themselves and sharing their opinions with the world. There s a new breed of influencers and they re talking about your brand. Gillin has managed to capture the essence of trend and what it means for marketers." --Steve Rubel, Micro Persuasion

"Paul Gillin gets it. I don't know how to put it any other way. He not only sees the new social media, he has the clearest perspective on the actual cultural impact. This book is a must read-either in print or otherwise." -- Paul Greenberg, CRM at the Speed of Light 3rd Edition

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