The Innovation Playbook, + web site: A Revolution in Business Excellence

By Nicholas J. Webb

If 84% of top business leaders think innovation is critical to their organization's success, then why do 95% of new products fail in the marketplace and less than 1% of the 2,000 patents issued each week ever return a profit to their company? Addressing the dismal failure rate of corporate innovation head on, The Innovation Playbook provides a complete road map to a revolution in business excellence founded on innovation.

Written by successful innovator Nicholas J. Webb—who has launched more than 300 innovations and has been awarded more than 35 patents by the U.S. Patent Office??—Part I of The Innovation Playbook highlights the importance of innovation in today's corporate world and details the reasons why so many of today's organizations can't get it done. Part II then lays out in six chapters the Nicholas Webb solution to achieving success through innovation.

Whether you are a business owner, C-level manager, R&D manager, marketing manager, or inventor, here, you will discover:

* Why innovation isn't working in today's organizations
* The obsession with risk and risk management
* Common "myths" about what innovators and innovative organizations should do
* The magic combination of customer focus, process, and culture that separates true innovation superstars from the rest of the pack
* The crucial concept of net customer value, including Webb's "value strata" set of standards of excellence and how to achieve it
* How you can get really close to customers and establish the "conduits of connectivity" necessary to truly understand net customer value

A unique, modifiable framework and toolbox to find new ideas from external and internal sources, filter those ideas, and move them through the development process at utmost speed

The key cultural components in an organization that support good innovation and tips for how to get there, with particular emphasis on using today's digital media tools to support innovation

Case examples of companies that have "made it," how they did it, and how to become a superstar using the Certified Innovation Superstar certification and training program

Complemented by a companion web site that helps you put theory into practice, The Innovation Playbook's blueprint to success prepares managers and inventors to get their Innovation Superstar certification as well as implement a successful innovation culture in real corporate life.
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