Creativity Triggers Are For Everyone: How To Use Your Inventiveness To Brighten Your Life

By Ed Glassman

Welcome to the fun world of creativity and an 8-step problem-solving ladder (Chapters 9-17) to help you solve problems creatively. This book brings together the modern creativity triggers that provide the skills you require.

Ranging from analyzing problems to the creation of action plans, with idea generation and creative idea sorting in between, this amazing book introduces you to the fun in creative effort. High quality solutions easily appear after enjoyable efforts to generate and select from new perspectives and ideas that create new possibilities.

Everyone wants to achieve high quality solutions to problems. Your success can depend on it. Yet few people have access to the new creativity triggers that lead to the highest-level outcomes. These creativity triggers focus on the real issues within a problem and on its quality solution.

In this book, you will find three types of creativity triggers to help solve problems creatively when working alone or in groups (Chapter 9): First, use creativity triggers to shift paradigms and produce unexpected ideas (Chapter 13). Second, use creativity triggers that change the creative climate so new ideas flourish (Chapter 8). Third, use creativity triggers that stop pigeonholing people, including yourself, so you stop stifling creative thinking (Chapter 7).

Here's what else you will find: What creativity really is and the many reasons to be creative, including the fun involved (Chapters 1 & 2). How to unblock yourself from ‘writer’s block’ and ‘idea-generating block’ using “automatic writing” and ‘non-evaluative listing’ (Chapter 4). Advanced creativity triggers to carry out the three key creative steps to shift paradigms and solve problems more creatively (Chapter 9). Creativity triggers for permanent creativity groups formed from people in your community (Chapter 20). Puzzles that illuminate your habits and traps that block you from unexpected, new ideas Chapter 7). How to beef up meetings with creativity triggers (Chapter 19). An assessment of ‘Your Creative Thinking Habits’ (Appendix II). Top ten ways to help creative thinking in your life (Appendix I). Habits that spoil creative thinking, and the triggers to avoid them (Chapter 7). ----- This book can work for you. The results ultimately depend on your commitment to alter habits and apply new creativity triggers to your problems.
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