Making Open Innovation Work

By Stefan Lindegaard

@lindegaard to big and small companies: You need to open up your innovation efforts! Read this book and visit for good advice.

Practical, engaging and direct! An informative and easy read on open innovation...

"Big and small companies – you need to open up!" says Stefan Lindegaard In Making Open Innovation Work, but what exactly is open innovation, and why does it matter? Open innovation is about having the mindset and skills that enable companies to bridge internal and external resources and use this combination to bring new products and services to market faster. Practical, engaging, and direct, the book thoroughly explores the open innovation intersection between big and small companies, explains what forms open innovation takes, discusses the benefits, and lists the challenges it poses for companies of different sizes.

Throughout the book, readers will hear from other experts and people who are charged with making open innovation happen, and on the final pages, they will find a complete list of key takeaways that conclude each chapter, which makes it easy to for them to review what they've learned. Open innovation is evolving so rapidly that Lindegaard uses his blog to help readers discover further case studies and read about new ideas. "Here, you can respond to my posts and share your experiences," says the author. "Let's keep the conversation going!"

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