By Fredda McDonald

The Secrets of Innovation and Creative Thinking in Business.

Innovation and creative thinking are at the very heart of all great businesses, and they are increasingly becoming the differentiators for the companies that are surviving and thriving in our rapidly evolving global economy.

Ideas are the most vital currency of a company, an industry, a country, or a culture. Ideas drive innovation, and without continual innovation the advancements of yesterday can quickly become the boat anchor of success for tomorrow.

In BoxBreakers!, author and innovation consultant, Fredda McDonald shares her experiences and insight gained from working with some of the world’s most innovative companies such as The Coca-Cola Company, MasterCard, and the International Olympic Committee, to name a few. You’ll hear about the challenges many of the new industry disrupters have faced and the creative ways they have met them. Just as importantly Fredda reveals the principles and strategies for innovation that any company can use to excel.
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