Innovation Tools

By Evan Shellshear

The Most Successful Techniques to Innovate Cheaply and Effectively. Innovation is not just a methodology but a product of hard work and careful risk management. At some point you must grab your tools and get your hands dirty and the best tool you can have is this guide.

When you hold this book you are clutching the number one guide to implementing the most successful innovation agenda possible, whether for a startup or established multinational. Full of practical examples, case studies and tips, the low risk innovation techniques presented will guarantee your plans achieve the best outcomes without risking your job or company. The difference between a theory and a success is between these covers.

In this book you will learn:

- The ins and outs of crowdsourcing
- How to leverage hackerspaces and develop your first prototype to launch your product
- The best tricks for open innovation
- The best kept innovation secret known as behavioral innovation
- How access to free knowledge will catalyze your business
- The innovation services revolution driven by cloud computing
- And the powerful virtuous innovation cycle which is supercharging innovation in all fields
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