Knowledge Innovation Strategy

By Parag Kulkarni

Why Cats don't take part in the Rat Race. Strategy' and 'innovation' are terms that have increasingly lost their meaning in today's cut-throat business environment. This book gives these words a fresh meaning to advocate new pathways for change, showing us how to turn grave adversities into lifetime opportunities.

Knowledge Innovation Strategy shows us how companies like Aquachill, AirTight Networks, Serum Institutes, Mapro, Ketan Food Exports, PARI, Tata Group, Chitale Dairies and Aditya Auto Test could find simple, refreshing solutions to complex problems to create their own uncontested knowledge space. In this seminal book, innovation strategist and knowledge innovation expert, Parag Kulkarni challenges competition-based strategies and those based on a mere 'more for less' paradigm using classic examples to unfold effective strategies based on associative knowledge building.

In the midst of fierce competition and a turbulent market, Knowledge Innovation Strategy presents an important breakthrough in innovation and strategic business thinking and will be a great motivator for organisations that aim to expand knowledge boundaries beyond competitive landscape.
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