The Peak Innovation Principles

By Ahi Gvirtsman

Turn your organization into an innovation powerhouse. "...the author has transformed a very complex, abstract problem into a clear, practical set of principles that can be applied by any organization" How can any organization go through a transformation into a highly innovative one? From the heart of Israel, the startup nation, in a work that is first of its kind, an acting executive for a Fortune 50 company shares a system for fostering, nurturing and delivering innovation based on his real-life experience setting up and running such a system. Rather than dictating a specific solution, the author shares the nine founding principles for such a turnaround and the specific implementation of these principles within the program he runs. The innovation system described in this book has generated results of potentially strategic implications for a Fortune 50 company. This book is aimed at demonstrating that innovation can be generated systematically in ANY organization at ANY culture and with both financial and non-financial goals. It offers unprecedented access to an ongoing effort unparalleled in its organizational pervasiveness and effectiveness. This book aims to turn innovation into a teachable organizational skill.
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