Fearless Growth

By Amanda Setili

In our age of disruption, your company must be agile and courageous—yet it’s easy to react to today’s business climate with fear and indecision. Don’t make that mistake. To move quickly and intelligently to the changes unfolding around us, you must be sure all levels and functions in your businesses are creative and responsive.

Packed with practical examples, tools, and guidance, Fearless Growth provides new rules to enable your company to adapt faster, move faster, and grow faster. You will learn how to:
- Capitalize on uncertainties in your market, rather than letting them slow you down.
- Leverage the talent, assets, technology, and data that exist outside your company.
- Get in sync with customers, gain early insight into changing needs, and bring the right solutions to market.
- Open the floodgates of employee creativity, empowering employees to respond quickly and effectively to emerging opportunities.
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