Combinatoric Innovation

By Paul Louis Iske

Navigating a complex world. 'Combinatoric Innovation' is all about the question: 'What could we do together?' In this book, we discuss the process of combining skills, ambitions and networks of different people and organizations to co-create value. The basic thought is that new combinations give new innovations.

A completely new world opens up when we are prepared to get out of our 'canyon' and connect our knowledge and ideas to that of others. It requires a combination of curiosity, creativity, passion, networking skills and the will to add value.

We also discuss environments that support this process of shared creative value creation. In innovating eco-systems, everyone should feel free to experiment and learn form the experiences, good or bad. Therefore, learning and double-loop learning are important mechanisms to improve the skills for (Combinatoric) Innovation. As an example, the concept of a Brilliant Failure is introduced to emphasize the need for an open mind and accepting a certain amount of risk.
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