Boom! Deciphering Innovation

By Lisa Hendrickson, Jim Colwick

How disruption drives companies to transform or die. Today, we face a bewildering array of changes coming from many directions—globalization, government policy, market disorganization, technology, business trends, demographics, social distortion, and environmental uncertainty. These mega forces are disrupting how organizations do business and often determine whether they succeed or fail.

Boom! Deciphering Innovation: How Disruption Drives Companies to Transform or Die is a 30,000-foot guide for leaders who need to make sense of the disruptive landscape, the nature of innovation, and the role of leadership in reinventing the future. The lessons are useful whether you are a leader in a big or small company, nonprofit or government organization.

The book is designed to be a quick, fun read. The authors use lively, conversational language, pictures, and short case studies to tell the story of what happened, winners and losers, innovation and transformation. They also provide advice on the first steps in making a company future-ready.
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