See Think Solve

By Andrew B. Nelson, Jeff Leitner

The main reason problems are hard to solve is that they involve people. People are funny. They don’t always believe the things they say they believe or do the things they say they are going to do. They can act one way in one situation and act completely differently in another situation. No one has ever completely figured this out. We call this the "mystery of human behavior."

The mystery of human behavior shapes almost every problem worth solving. That’s the bad news. But there’s good news too. The mystery of human behavior also helps us see problems in new ways. By paying attention to people, we can discover new aspects of problems that help us solve them more effectively. The nine steps in this book are designed to do just that. They will help you make sense of the mystery of human behavior that surrounds all tough problems.

The first six steps are about seeing — each of them shows you a new thing to look for in human behavior. The next two steps are about thinking — each one is a tool you can use to better understand the human behaviors you have observed. The last step is about solving — it describes what you can accomplish with your newfound knowledge.
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