Open Innovation and Knowledge Management in Small and Medium Enterprises

By Susanne Durst, Serdal Temel, Helio A. Ferenhof

The book studies the interplay between open innovation and knowledge management issues in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). With the proliferation of the open innovation paradigm and against the backdrop of increasing external knowledge transfer activities, knowledge management is more important than ever for innovation and firm performance of any type of organization.

In fact, knowledge management is no longer a pure intra-organizational activity but constitutes a vital interface function between the organization and its external partners/stakeholders. Throughout the book, readers will obtain both a broad overview of the two main concepts namely open innovation and knowledge management and its interplay.

In addition, research will be presented which will help the readers to develop and/or expand their understanding of the phenomenon. This broad approach can also support in broadening the mindset regarding the topic under investigation and its application.
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