Breakthrough, V2

By Henk van den Breemen

From innovation to impact. Innovation is the lifeblood of modern society. In the first volume of Breakthrough, The Owls Foundation provided a wide range of examples of how innovation has shaped our world, from technology to science to politics.

In this second volume, we continue the theme with a new series of case studies and interviews, including how Paul Polman reshaped Unilever, former President FW de Klerk uses his experience to help other countries improve their governance and bolster their democratic institutions, and Jan Peter Balkenende put innovation at the heart of his programme as Prime Minister of The Netherlands.

We also examine the idea of the circular economy, reveal how family firm Van Oord can survive and prosper in the era of multinational giants, and show how innovative projects have transformed healthcare in the United States and The Netherlands. In all these case studies we apply The Owls Foundation’s unique formulae to analyse the root causes of successful innovation and explain how they can work for anyone.
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