Corporate Innovation

By Donald F. Kuratko, Michael G. Goldsby

Disruptive thinking in organizations. Effectiveness is the underlying theme for this introduction to disruptive innovation. The book tells the manager, or student, what they need to know in transforming the thinking in an organization to an innovative mindset in the twenty-first century.

Corporate Innovation explains the four stages of the innovation process, and demonstrates how to improve skills in the innovation process, and unleash personal innovative abilities. This book also presents ways to assess the organization’s attitudes toward innovation, providing insights into how to diagnose creative and innovative performance problems in the organization. Beginning with an overview of concepts involved with an innovative organization today, this book explores the fundamental aspects of the individual, the organization and the implementation. An I-Organization is a combination of:

● I-Skills developed within individuals
● I-Design thinking functions needed to shape innovation
● I-Teams that emerge from the HR perspective of structuring the appropriate climate
● I-Solution needed to provide a foundation for implementing any innovative ideas.
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