2019 Defence Technology Challenge

This contest is over.
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2019 Defence Technology Challenge Deadline: 2019-02-18
Award: £25,000
Open to: UK Undergraduate students*

How would the armed forces of tomorrow stay connected in the future and what equipment would they need?

Looking forward by 15 years to 2033, how would armed forces personnel interact with their equipment in the most hostile of battlespaces? What would the role of the armed forces need to be in the highly interconnected world?

Can you design a future battlespace explaining the important features we should be looking at now and how this vision could be realized?

The sponsor, BAE Systems, wants imaginations to run free. “Battlefronts tend to keep expanding. We want entrants to anticipate where problems might emerge. Or they might introduce a new dimension we haven’t yet thought of.”

* Details may apply. See contest website to confirm eligibility.

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