2020 Syngenta Crop Challenge

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2020 Syngenta Crop Challenge Deadline: 2020-01-21
Award: $8,500
Open to: Everyone*

Today, the agriculture industry works to maximize the amount of food we gain from crops by breeding plants with the strongest, highest-yielding genetics. Plant breeding is complex, and data analytics can help scientists at research and development organizations like Syngenta make advances in seed product development.

We've proven that data-driven strategies can help our industry accelerate innovation and breed better seeds that require fewer resources and are adaptable to more diverse environments. Developing models that can predict the performance of potential corn products can help scientists more accurately select seeds that increase the productivity of the crops farmers plant – and will help address the growing global food demand.

How can we use data to accomplish this?

* Details may apply. See contest website to confirm eligibility.

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