Accident Shield Innovation Competition 2020

Accident Shield Innovation Competition 2020 Deadline: 2020-03-01
Award: 10,000 AED
Open to: Everyone*

The Accident Shield Innovation Competition 2020 (ASIC) is the emerging road accident safety program with the aim to reduce the global accident’s fatality rate. Ensuring safety worldwide by developing Better technologies (like seatbelts, airbags and windshield wiper) as a simple sustainable and mainstream safety outcome.

Our vision is to illuminate the causes that are giant threats to mankind, but we lost their debate somewhere in the wide jungle of puzzles and mirrors. We at save Lost Cause, emerged to raise the voice and protect mankind from adverse incoming threats, that are fatal but yet forgotten.

By reaching out to the world innovators with world-changing diverse ideas and encouraging collaborative thinking, we believe the world can bring a unique solution that can change everything for accidents.

* Details may apply. See contest website to confirm eligibility.

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Accident Shield Innovation Competition 2020
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