Affordable High-Tech for Humanitarian Aid

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Affordable High-Tech for Humanitarian Aid Deadline: 2020-01-01
Award: €5,000,000
Open to: Everyone*

The European Union and its member states are major humanitarian donors. Humanitarian crises and disasters have increased in number, complexity and severity over the last 25 years.

The challenge is to develop innovative solutions for the delivery of humanitarian aid based on frugal application of advanced technologies.

Solutions should be developed through a frugal innovation approach, and should be novel and based on advanced technologies and services, demonstrating the added value and potential of one or more advanced technologies.

The award will be awarded, after closure of the contest, to the contestants who, in the opinion of the jury, demonstrates a solution that best meets the following cumulative criteria.

New solution tested successfully in a real environment, with a demonstrated potential of adaptability and scalability under different humanitarian aid settings and responding to the needs of those in a most vulnerable situation (taking age, gender, disability and minority into consideration)

Quality and sustainability of the solution based on frugal application of advanced technologies, including the technological components (no ICT-only solutions)
affordability and improved cost-effectiveness for beneficiaries and organisations responding to crisis

Engagement with end users and perspective of a business case

* Details may apply. See contest website to confirm eligibility.

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