Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition

Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition Deadline: 2019-04-01
Award: $8,500
Open to: Design & engineering students*

The Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition challenges designers and engineers to think about aluminum extrusions as a holistic solution to a design problem by creating a product or system that includes at least one extruded aluminum component.

During the 2019 Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition, there is also the opportunity for students to use their aluminum extrusion knowledge and create a sustainable design with The Bonnell Aluminum Sustainable Design Challenge.

Humanitarian and environmental disasters and people with physical disabilities often inspire savvy designers and inventors with ideas to develop solutions to these challenges -- and aluminum extrusions offer the perfect sustainable material.

The Bonnell Aluminum Sustainable Design Challenge accepts entries that, in addition to the four basic ET Foundation Design Competition criteria, best addresses societal and/or environmental challenges or concerns.

* Details may apply. See contest website to confirm eligibility.

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Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition
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