Blockchains for Social Good

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Blockchains for Social Good Deadline: 2019-04-02
Award: €5,000,000
Open to: Everyone*

DLT in its public, open and permissionless forms is widely considered as a ground-breaking digital technology supporting decentralised methods for consensus reaching as well as sharing, storing and securing transactions and other data with fewer to no central intermediaries.

The challenge is to develop scalable, efficient and high-impact decentralised solutions to social innovation challenges leveraging Distributed Ledger Technology (DLTs), such as the one used in blockchains.

The prize will be awarded to the contestant(s) who, in the opinion of the jury, demonstrates a solution that best meets the following cumulative criteria:

- Social impact: both potential and already achieved by the implementation of the solution (e.g. size of the community of users engaged by the actual implementation)
- Decentralisation and governance: improvements in transparency and accountability (while respecting privacy and/or anonymity)
- Usability and inclusiveness
- Viability at large scale: cost-efficiency (including energy consumption), scalability, security, and sustainability
- Clear added value of the demonstrated implementation for European citizens, in societal, economic or environmental terms

* Details may apply. See contest website to confirm eligibility.

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