Calamity Atelier Challenge

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Calamity Atelier Challenge Deadline: 2019-02-17
Award: €15,000
Open to: Everyone*

Arte Sella is situated in between two stone peaks. For more than 30 years, it has been attracting to the mountains of the homonymous valley the most astonishing contemporary artists and architects. Here, creative geniuses have left their mark generating the most important art-nature route in the world.

During the night of the 29th October 2018 an unprecedented storm hit Arte Sella. It damaged hectares of secular woods and left a trail of devastation of mud, uprooted stumps and felled trees.

This competition aims at regenerating the largest art park of the contemporary scenario. It will do so by creating a system of ateliers and architectural works in order to make artists and visitors go back to those mountains.

The interventions that the competition aims to generate will have to transform this place into a pilgrimage destination for visitors and artists. Season after season, they will have the chance to witness and contribute to the rebirth of the park. Everything will occur in the endless cycle of nature.

8.000 €

4.000 €

2.000 €

* Details may apply. See contest website to confirm eligibility.

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