Center Znanosti (Science Centre)

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Center Znanosti (Science Centre) Deadline: 2018-12-20
Award: €94,000 in total prizes
Open to: EU architects*

An international, open, one-level, project, this challenge selects the most professionally suitable solution for: CENTER ZNANOSTI (SCIENCE CENTRE)

The central subject of the competition is the architectural design of the “Science Centre” building and the urban design of placement of the “Science Centre” building within the competition area.

The challenge of the “Science Centre” will put the building at the crossroads of science, technology and culture by closely intertwining with economy, research activity and education.

The “Science Centre” shall represent the interdisciplinary demonstration object and enable a test and presentation of new technological solutions or innovations. It shall be a technologically advanced and innovative building, which will enable the placement of the latest technology and systems after the construction. It shall also be designed as an evolving building throughout a longer period of its life cycle.

Applied prize fund awards are:
• 1st prize 36,000 EUR
• 2nd prize 23,000 EUR
• 3nd prize 14,000 EUR
• Three recognition awards of 7,000 EUR

Total amount of prizes: 94,000 EUR

* Details may apply. See contest website to confirm eligibility.

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