Chimney Inspection and Maintenance

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Chimney Inspection and Maintenance Deadline: 2019-04-15
Award: INR 3,00,000
Open to: Everyone*

Chimney inspection is a standard problem in the steel industry as the chimney is hot and impossible to inspect during this time. In addition, the chimneys are very tall and difficult to send people to those heights even during the shutdown period. The main purpose is to measure the wall thickness of chimneys and ensure that the structure is not weak and if so, sufficient care should be taken to strengthen the chimneys.

Chimney inspection and maintenance poses challenges because of the temperature and heights. It requires preparation of scaffoldings to climb to the locations for inspections. It is also very difficult to reach all the areas of the chimney as the ladder or scaffolding can provide access to only limited portions of the chimney. High temperature and the height does not make it easy for inspection of these structures.

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