Comfortable Airless Camping Mattress

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Comfortable Airless Camping Mattress Deadline: 2019-04-04
Award: $25,000
Open to: Everyone*

A comfortable bed is an essential part of any satisfactory sleep experience. While at home, consumers have an almost infinite variety of mattress options available, but when out camping those options dwindle significantly. Airbeds are the most common camping mattress on the market but they do have their drawbacks, the most significant of which is they leak!

Whether it is due to a defect in material or workmanship, or a puncture suffered in use or in storage, a leak renders an airbed useless and uncomfortable. It is for this reason the Seeker started developing an airless camping mattress several years ago. The Seeker has explored several concepts, designs, and materials for an airless mattress and while they have shown great progress they are still a bit short of where they want to be comfort-wise for the mattress. Thus, the Seeker is searching for ways to improve the design and/or materials for their airless camping mattress in order to increase the comfort level experienced by the user.

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