Drone Data Challenges

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Drone Data Challenges Deadline: 2019-08-31
Award: $145,000
Open to: Everyone*

Only approximately 10% of time is actually invested in the drone itself, the other 90% is all about data and community and stakeholder engagement. So why is it that most organizations concentrate their efforts today on the 10%? We teamed up with Omidyar Network to tackle and find solutions for the remaining 90%, what we call the “enabling environment”. And we count on you to find and build unusual solutions!

We are looking for solutions to the following three challenges:

How can data and AI tools become more relevant to solving local social challenges?

How can we bring back drone data and insights to all beneficiaries and turn data into action?

How can drones and data be used ethically to solve meaningful problems?

* Details may apply. See contest website to confirm eligibility.

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