Elia Group Open Innovation Challenge

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Elia Group Open Innovation Challenge Deadline: 2020-03-30
Award: € 20,000
Open to: Start-ups*

Elia Group, one of the 5 leading transmission system operators in Europe, launches the 4th edition of its Open Innovation Challenge with the aim to improve the security of energy related assets and data!

The transformation of the energy landscape, due to ongoing trends such as digitalization, decentralization and electrification (more info here), faces the Elia Group with higher complexity and challenges to forecast, operate and control the grid. As a result, the focus is gradually being shifted from controlling a few large installations to managing and relying on a sum of decentral and smaller units.

On the other hand, the rise of digitalization, technologies and the availability of data enable TSOs to properly manage this increase of complexity. Digitalization is therefore an opportunity but also a threat: more data collection and open, interconnected systems go along with an increasing need of security. Ensuring a reliable electrical system is no longer just a matter of protecting physical assets, but in providing overall solutions that secure both bits and electrons.

* Details may apply. See contest website to confirm eligibility.

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