Elia Open Innovation Challenge

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Elia Open Innovation Challenge Deadline: 2019-04-20
Award: €20,000
Open to: Technology start-ups*

Improving day-to-day activities by using innovative technology in the field of Asset Management and Maintenance.

To transmit high voltages power, an optimal maintenance policy, regular line monitoring and daily inspections of our assets are a must to ensure a reliable, sustainable and affordable grid for the society. The energy transition brings with it many challenges: variable production, distributed energy resources, increased interconnects it complexifies the way we operate the system and maintain the grid.

In such context, working on electricity assets is innately a dangerous activity that requires a permanent focus to avoid errors that can be catastrophic. Humans will need support to process all these data, derive their impact to take the right decisions.

* Details may apply. See contest website to confirm eligibility.

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