Elimination of Rail Track Foundation Settlement

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Elimination of Rail Track Foundation Settlement Deadline: 2019-03-27
Award: INR 600000
Open to: Everyone*

We are facing problem in maintaining both the tracks due to settlement of track foundation up to an extent of 120mm in some areas. As a result of the rail track undulation/settlement our coke oven battery operation is getting hampered. Also, due to settlement of rail track, we are facing problem in positioning of pusher and quenching car during pushing operations due to rolling of car. There is damage of power collector and failure of Pusher and Quenching car components. Moreover, there is also bending of press plates below rail track due to cracking of underlying concrete. Hence, the challenge is to eliminate this problem of settlement of rail track foundation in order to have a smooth operation of Pusher and Quencher cars.

* Details may apply. See contest website to confirm eligibility.

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