Enhancing Corrosion Resistance of Barbed Wire Bundles

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Enhancing Corrosion Resistance of Barbed Wire Bundles Deadline: 2020-05-22
Award: 2,00,000 INR
Open to: Everyone*

In the process of barbing, the barbed wire is severely twisted and cut, which exposes the steel surface. Therefore, these barbs are found to be the initiation point or source of the rust, which gradually spreads over line wire and thereby reduces the overall life of the barbed wire. Normally, the barb tips start appearing rusty within 1-3 months, depending on the season. After installation of a fence, the spread of corrosion across the barbed wire fence is observed from these barb points. As a result of this, there is internal rejection, diversion and customer complaints causing customer dissatisfaction.

This is a universal issue due to the way the barbed wire is designed and manufactured, which cannot be changed or altered. Globally, this issue is addressed with heavy zinc coating or painting, but that is a costly process. Customers seek bright shiny barbed wire bundles with higher service life. Thus, we are looking for an economical method of enhancing the corrosion life of barbed wires.

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