Freesound Audio Tagging 2019

This contest is over.
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Freesound Audio Tagging 2019 Deadline: 2019-06-10
Award: $5,000
Open to: ML Experts*

Because of the vastness of sounds we experience, no reliable automatic general-purpose audio tagging systems exist. A significant amount of manual effort goes into tasks like annotating sound collections and providing captions for non-speech events in audiovisual content.

To tackle this problem, Freesound (an initiative by MTG-UPF that maintains a collaborative database with over 400,000 Creative Commons Licensed sounds) and Google Research’s Machine Perception Team (creators of AudioSet, a large-scale dataset of manually annotated audio events with over 500 classes) have teamed up to develop the dataset for this new competition.

* Details may apply. See contest website to confirm eligibility.

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