Galileo Masters 2019 “Idea of the Year”

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Galileo Masters 2019 “Idea of the Year” Deadline: 2019-07-31
Award: €15,000
Open to: Universities, students, companies*

Do you have a new business idea based on GNSS? Do you aim to develop your idea into a commercial solution but have not started to implement it yet? Then the “Idea of the Year” is the right prize class for you!

EGNOS and Galileo are ready to use and market uptake is progressing fast. Yet there is still great potential for innovative solutions where location plays a key role in many market segments. Powered by GSA, the Galileo Masters 2019 “Idea of the Year” class is looking for breakthrough solutions that focus on using EGNOS and Galileo in any application field.

Take the opportunity to become the Galileo Masters “Idea of the Year” champion to promote your idea and gain access to a leading global business network, which can help you to implement your idea.

* Details may apply. See contest website to confirm eligibility.

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