Gendered Pronoun Resolution

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Gendered Pronoun Resolution Deadline: 2019-04-15
Award: $25,000
Open to: 18+ (some restrictions)*

Can you help end gender bias in pronoun resolution?

Pronoun resolution is part of coreference resolution, the task of pairing an expression to its referring entity. This is an important task for natural language understanding, and the resolution of ambiguous pronouns is a longstanding challenge.

Unfortunately, recent studies have suggested gender bias among state-of-the-art coreference resolvers. Google AI Language aims to improve gender-fairness in modeling by releasing the Gendered Ambiguous Pronouns (GAP) dataset, containing gender-balanced pronouns (50% of its examples containing feminine pronouns, and 50% containing masculine pronouns).

* Details may apply. See contest website to confirm eligibility.

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