Gerdau Digital Scrap Challenge

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Gerdau Digital Scrap Challenge Deadline: 2018-12-14
Award: $45,000
Open to: Adults not employed by Gerdau*

The global market purchased 400 million tons of scrap materials in 2017. Our share of that was 14 million tons, which is all manually inspected. Gerdau buys about 280,000 tons of scrap per month in Brazil, amounting to over 10,000 truckloads.

Each truckload of scrap is brought to us, containing up to 200 different types of scrap materials. Upon site entry, each truckload is weighed and the weight is immediately recorded into our software. Then, the truckload is emptied into a pile in the scrapyard or meltyard. A scrap inspector visually analyzes the material, refers to a manual to determine standard pricing and value, and then records an estimated value onto the same ERP software, utilizing a tablet/smartphone app.

Each type of scrap is assigned a different monetary value depending on the metal type, size and density. Within 15 minutes of dumping the load, cranes will get to work organizing the scrap materials into areas of like metals that already exist in inventory. Due to space constraints and scrap provider expectations for quick service, it is very important that the trucks can get in and out in a reasonable timeframe.

Submit your novel ideas on automating scrap metal inspection in a streamlined and precise way.

* Details may apply. See contest website to confirm eligibility.

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