Get Up, Check Up!

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Get Up, Check Up! Deadline: 2017-12-03
Award: Cash Price: 1st €3000, 2nd €2000, 3rd €1000, MVP €1000

Everyone is at risk to be affected by cancer. According to a study by the World Health Organization, the number of new cases worldwide in 2012 was 14 million. By 2025, as many as 20 million people worldwide could be diagnosed with cancer each year (World Cancer Report, 2014).

Cancer often spreads without noticeable symptoms. Early diagnosis can increase the chances of successful treatment and can even prevent an outbreak in the early stages. Depending on the type of disease, there are many ways to detect malignant changes at an early stage. An examination at the physician's can often help. However, people have to be aware of these possibilities and be prepared to undergo an examination - even if they feel perfectly healthy!

This contest aims to improve the approach to cancer checkups. Janssen Germany would like to employ your creativity to find new ways to encourage people to take regular precautions against cancer. The ideas and suggestions will be grouped into two different categories:

“Before checkups": How can people be motivated to take the step towards cancer checkups autonomously? How can we empower people to examine themselves at home? What could be a possible complementary solution to an appointment at the physician’s office?

"Stay in touch!” (after the screening): How can we encourage people to have regular checkups? Because the first examination is often not enough!

Help raise awareness of cancer checkups and build up a positive understanding of cancer checkups through creative solutions. Help make cancer checkups a routine!

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